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When Nelson Mandela walked out of prison on the 11th of February 1990, South Africa’s future was dangling by a thread. Civil war seemed imminent in a country that had been divided by decades of Apartheid rule. But despite his 27-years incarceration, Mandela immediately assumed a leadership role that would help move the country from violence and uncertainty to a viable democracy.

Nelson Mandela: A Special Tribute chronicles the life of a man whose name has become synonymous with peace and equality the world over. Against the broad sweep of South Africa’s recent political history, it traces Mandela’s life from his deep rural roots, his years as the world’s most famous political prisoner, to South Africa’s first black president and global icon. Family, close friends and political adversaries give insights to this extraordinary personality whose strength and sensitivity steered South Africa away from the brink to the safety of a new democracy.

Director: Chris Nicklin

Producer: Chris Nicklin

Runtime: 90 min

Release date: 2008

Format: SD

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